Ivory Tower

I am currently working as Level Artist at Ivory Tower, a Ubisoft studio (Lyon, France), on an unannounced project. I started working in March 2016, on the production The Crew 2, from beginning to end. My tasks were:

– Level Art on a huge open world, on countrysides or towns of the USA
– Level Art of missions, working closely with Level Designers, with respect of art direction and technical environmental constraints
– Collaboration Responsible of Level Art with Ubisoft Marceau: help the LA team working on The Crew 2, review the work, and communicate
– Modeling and texturing of street fittings props and buildings
– Optimization and Level Art debug

Here are ingame screenshots of environment I have been working on:

 blandine-leray-1 blandine-leray-2 blandine-leray-3 blandine-leray-4 blandine-leray-5 blandine-leray-6 blandine-leray-7

The page of the game: https://thecrew-game.ubisoft.com/the-crew-2/fr-fr/home/

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