Student work


Photoshop_CS6_mnemonic_RGB_512px  autodesk_3d_studio_max_2014_logo_by_thegamerx8469-d6bjjsj   unity3d-logo-grey
Logolith is an horror game where the player has to find his path through a land in the fog. Motionless monsters can show you the way with a light when the player wants, but it is in the same time a chance to be localized.


tumblr_static_ajicon2 Asylum jam horror game

Created in 2 days with 8 other people
Developped on Unity 4

My roles: Character Artist



Photoshop_CS6_mnemonic_RGB_512px   autodesk_3d_studio_max_2014_logo_by_thegamerx8469-d6bjjsj  unity3d-logo-grey

my little avengers_1 my little avengers_2 Gameloft_Logo_2


Puzzle game created in 2 weeks, with 7 other people
Developped on Unity 4 and export on iPad

Theme: crossover > My Little Poney / The Avengers

My roles: Lead Artist / Game Artist


titre_UDK MAP

udk_logo   ZBrush-Logo-Black   autodesk_3d_studio_max_2014_logo_by_thegamerx8469-d6bjjsj   Photoshop_CS6_mnemonic_RGB_512pxHere is a project I made with 4 other people at Supinfogame: a map on UDK 3 for the Unreal Tournament game. We decided to create a post-apocalyptic environment, where people should live on trees and fight against each others on wood bridges.


1[3]neosherwood_2UDK Map

Created in 1 week with 4 other people
Developped on UDK

My roles: Environment and Lighting Artist

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